These packs have been designed for individual use. As a new sound is introduced to a child its corresponding picture prompt can be added to the child's own Sound-Card Ring. Once the child is more familiar the picture prompt can be replaced by the letter card. Once a child is completely confident with a letter or sound it can be removed from the ring altogether. This ensures learning is only focused on the critical sounds which the child needs to practice. It provides a simple visual way to show the child, parents and teachers exactly what that child working on and what they are working towards. It allows progress to be tracked easily. By providing four images for each sound (picture with verbal prompt, picture without verbal prompt, coloured letters and black and white letters) we provide graded support. This allows children to celebrate more subtle improvements in their sound knowledge, helping to maintain motivation and focus. 


If you would like to order sound-cards in bulk let me know by email as I can provide a discount on postage costs. Bulk orders will take a little longer to arrive!

We currently only ship within the UK from this site. This is because of postage cost calculations. However if you are overseas and are interested in purchasing a product please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

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