What people say about me-

It is always hard to get a good idea of what someone is really like from their online persona. I have included references from my bosses and colleagues, those people who have worked with me every day for years at a time and know me really well. They have been generous enough to allow me to share their kind words with you.

As a Dyslexia Specialist

I was very lucky to meet Alice, as a Dyslexia specialist was just what we needed in our school. We had a number of students who were not making academic progress and had low self-esteem as a result but we were not sure why. Alice was able to carry out diagnostic assessments with the students looking at dyslexic tendencies. She provided prompt, detailed and clear reports (using layman’s language) and was able to devise personalised intervention programmes for the students. Her interactions with students, parents and teachers were excellent and she made everyone comfortable in discussing what can be a sensitive subject.

Alice is not only an expert in her field but the innovative system she implemented with students at our school has borne dramatic fruit. The students she worked with are flourishing within the mainstream curriculum as their confidence and abilities have grown and as an added bonus the teachers she has been working closely with are also flourishing, developing new transferable skills and the confidence to recognise and support students who are experiencing dyslexic type difficulties.
— Phil Sangster - Advancement Centre Leader, Bangladesh
Alice uses a multi - sensory approach to teaching which is not only unique and creative but also effective. Working with her in implementing new ideas has equipped me with new teaching skills to support literacy development in children with various learning needs, not confined only to dyslexic children.
— Beenisha Ali - SEN teacher, Bangladesh

As a Special Educational Needs teacher

I have known Alice for five years in the capacity of classroom Teacher/SEN Teacher. During this time, she has demonstrated an unflinching focus and intrinsic desire to improve the life chances of young children. Alice is particularly skilled at addressing the needs of children with SEN so that they are able to access and engage with the curriculum. She naturally adopts and promotes inclusive practise and intricately caters for the needs of all pupils. Through her delivery of well balanced and bespoke curriculum, combined with her skilled techniques, targeted teaching strategies and in depth knowledge of SEN, Alice ensures rapid and sustained progress across all subjects.

Her patience, diligence and caring attitude is admirable and enables her to quickly bond with children who present with the highest level of need. Alice is determined and conscientious and possesses a genuine desire and passion to support children’s learning. She undoubtedly makes a huge difference to children’s educational outcomes and their future lives through inspiring confidence and a genuine love of learning.
— Natalie Melehi - Deputy Head, London
Alice has helped craft our Learning Center and has made Khartoum American School a better place for student with special educational needs. She is knowledgeable about the field of special education and strives to stay current with educational research. Alice has all the ingredients of a successful teacher; especially the ability to assess students, to meet them at their level and continually move them forward all the while making them feel successful.

She is the lead SEN teacher in our Elementary Division and is currently supervising two special education assistants. She has also trained and mentored teachers, created a modified program for a child with ASD, implemented it with great success, and developed the programming for and is currently running our early intervention program.

Alice maintains a professional attitudes throughout all areas of her job. She is highly professional with both colleagues and parents. Communication with students, parents and colleagues is a priority to Alice. Reaction to Alice’s work has been overwhelmingly positive to all parties involved. Parent’s have been responsive to her suggestions for strong home-school relationship and, when needed, psycho-educational assessments for their children...

Bright, dedicated and skilled, Alice garners my unequivocal recommendation. In her time at Khartoum American School she has put her total effort into ensuring the success of her students.
— Benjamin Voborsky - Learning Center Cooridnator, Sudan

As a class teacher

Alice Frendo joined Hill Mead Primary School and has very successfully taught in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and year 2.

Alice is an outstanding teacher and practitioner... Alice secures excellent relationships with the pupils under her care; she established very high expectations of both learning and behavior. Alice has very successfully taught in our school within a community of social and economic need. She is skillful in meeting the diverse and challenging needs of the pupils. Alice has excellent subject knowledge across the curriculum and across the primary phases. She plans cross-curricular topics which provide the pupils with a meaningful context and purpose for their learning, with an excellent range of challenge.

Alice’s particular strength lies in her ability to accelerate the learning of underachieving pupils, through targeted intervention...Alice provides accurate assessment of pupil’s attainment and progress. Alice has acquired British Dyslexia Association specialist teaching qualifications and has used this knowledge to work across the whole school, raising attainment in phonics. Her whole school responsibilities include: dyslexia screening, assessment and intervention from year 1 -6; training and resourcing teachers and teaching assistants in phonics catch-up; working with other professionals to design and implement intervention (Educational Psychologist and speech andlanguage Therapist): mentoring Year 6 pupils; supporting PGCE students and revising the schools’ phonics programme.

Alice has developed excellent relationships with her colleagues and other school stakeholders particularly parents...
— Richard West - Head Teacher, London
Part of Alice’s assignment as to co-teach the kindergarten class and once she joined the Kindergarten team , we saw rapid and sustained improvement in the quality of teaching and the students’ learning. Another significant part of Alice’s work was in our school’s Learning Center which provides academic support for students with learning disabilities. Alice has a wonderfully quiet and yet highly effective presence in a classroom setting. She is positive and upbeat and is perfect for our student-centered approach.
— Philip Clinton- Superintendent, Sudan