New Dyslexia Friendly Font

How friendly is it really?

I have spent the last few weeks fine-tuning a dyslexia friendly font. It was created simply because I couldn't find 'the perfect font' even after looking at all the dyslexia friendly fonts that already exist. The fonts all has issues-

1. Some just looked too 'odd' to integrate into everyday classroom use. Ideally I want a font that just become my everyday font, used across the class, not just wheeled out for the 'dyslexic' kids.

2. I work on early intervention - this means the kids I teach are often learning to read and write. I need a font that mimics handwriting - no looped 'g' and 'a'. Most dyslexia fonts still have looped 'a'. And simple fonts that are commonly used in early years classrooms - like 'comic sans', are highly reversible and no good at all for children with dyslexia.

3. The fonts were expensive. Even dyslexia friendly fonts that were free for personal download, or even educational purposes, were expensive for commercial use. I sell my services as a specialist teacher and therefor the resources I produce are part of a 'commercial' package. I needed something for free. And I want to provide something for free. Something that other teachers, specialists and tutors can use. Buying the resources you need is already expensive without paying for a typeface too!


So - now it is done. When I look at my font it is 'perfect'. To my dyslexic brain it looks good. However, all brains are different and what I need now is feedback from others - particularly those with dyslexia! And from early years/ keystage 1 teachers and dyslexia tutors - could you replace comic sans with this?


My main questions are:

  1. Do any of the letters still seem too reversible?
    I tried minimize reversibility but not sure about the 'b' and 'p'.

  2. Is the spacing between the letters and words ok?
    I tried to make it a little less crowded than usual.

  3. Could the font be used for everyday resources in a general classroom?
    Ideally I don't want kids with dyslexia to need a 'special' font. I want a font that simply replaces standard classroom text so ALL TEXT in the class is dyslexia friendly.

Finally - is it easy to download? You should just tap a link that takes you to the font page. Then one click to download. It should automatically appear in your 'fonts' list in windows applications. I have it on my ipad too and is really useful in the 'SketchBook' application I use to create most of my resources.

Please comment - email me directly if you prefer, and please help yourself to the font. Pass it on to anyone who might find it useful. Having spent so long making it knowing it is it is actually being used, makes it all worth it!