Talking 'dyslexia' with Gibby Booth

If you haven’t found them yet ‘Dyslexia is our Superpower’ podcasts are the best. Positive stories of dyslexic people from all over the world gathered in one place. They explore all the big questions; growing up dyslexic, what would have helped, and what didn’t, life choices and how we found a way to thrive. The interviewer, Gibby Booth is an inspirational speaker, author and entrepreneur. She lives in the US, is dyslexic herself, and is passionate about the positives of being dyslexic.

She got in touch with me about my Amazing Alphabet and Fabulous Phonics dyslexia resources and persuaded me to make a podcast with her about growing up dyslexic, the process of starting and creating resources specifically for our unique dyslexic brains.

It was lovely to find someone equally focused on dyslexia, the dyslexic brain and what makes us tick. It was a match made in heaven. Take a listen to the podcast, and explore more of Gibby’s website.