Informed by the latest research into phonics, memory and learning,

unique learning styles

this system develops the child's unique strengths,

promotes a synesthetic approach

using pictures, gesture, colour and rhythm to create an individually tailored programme.

Dyslexic Logic is a specialist dyslexia support service set up by Alice Frendo, a Dyslexia Assessor and Teacher who is also dyslexic. Dyslexic Logic was formed to promote the early identification and excellent support that dyslexic students need to fulfill their true potential.

Dyslexic Logic Support Services provides a complete service including dyslexia assessments, training and support programme development.

Dyslexic Logic promotes Synesthetic Learning, the idea that learning using all our senses creates a richer memory trace.  This means that children are not learning lists of words or lists of spelling patterns, but rather pictures, gestures, stories and rhythms that provide stronger and more appropriate cues for dyslexic brains.

Synesthetic Learning Programme provides Free Resources so that as many people as possible can access them. They are specifically developed for dyslexic learners and are based on taking a multisensory synthetic phonics based approach to early literacy.

There are also Synesthetic Learning books and sounds-cards in our shop. These are designed to provide step by step guidance on how to deliver excellent literacy intervention. You don't need specific training to access these materials; they are suitable for teachers, teaching assistants and home-schooling parents to use.